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One of the most well-liked camera apps available on the Google Play Store, Download Google Camera APK enables you to take pictures, record videos, and even make GIFs from your images or videos in real-time. There are many reasons we are interested in this app, but the following are some of the main ones you should consider if you haven’t already downloaded it to your smartphone.

10 Best Features of the Google Camera App

After downloading the Google camera app, you can use it and take amazing photos. The camera app has some fantastic features and we will show you all the 10 best features. Google camera is one of those applications available for free on the android store, but not all devices support the app so we have a detailed guide on how to install the Google app on an android phone.

The Manual Mode

Google Camera offers a special mode for photo lovers interested in taking photos of professional quality, but it’s not immediately obvious how to use it. Here’s what you need to know about Manual Mode.

Point Zoom

The feature lets you zoom in on objects in a specific spot so that you can take close-up shots. It’s excellent for taking artistic, creative shots with fine details. Point Zoom automatically detects faces and focuses on them when you tap on them. So, all that’s left is framing your shot and taking it!

Real-Time Video Stabilization

Many smartphones now feature built-in video stabilization, but it can be added for free on phones that don’t. You only need a phone with access to Google Play and an internet connection—no root required. And though Google claims that only Nexus and Pixel devices are compatible with YouTube’s new video stabilization feature, a few users have also figured out how to activate it on other smartphones.

Multiple Exposures

On Google Camera, tap anywhere on-screen and hold your finger. You’ll notice that a dial starts spinning; if you’re happy with it, let go of your finger once you feel it has reached its peak speed. If not, continue rotating and adjusting your exposure until you find what you like.

Photo Sphere

Google’s Photo Sphere takes 360-degree panoramic pictures, which can be viewed in a 3D immersive view or from an interactive map. It was first introduced with Google+ and has since been integrated into many of Google’s other apps and services. Learn how to get it on your phone.

Panorama Mode

To capture a panorama in your Google camera app, rotate your device on its side, starting with portrait and continuing into the landscape. After you’ve rotated a full 180 degrees, hold down on your screen and let go once you’ve reached all 360 degrees (make sure you have space around you). This will take about 15 seconds for a full rotation.

Lens Blur Effect

The Lens Blur effect allows you to create portraits with a blurred background, similar to that of DSLR cameras. The result is based on a shallow depth of field and simulates what happens when you use longer lens lengths in photography.

Selfie Panorama

This feature is one of my favorite camera features. What’s even better than taking a selfie? Taking a selfie panorama! Simply tap and hold on to the shutter button until you’ve rotated 360 degrees, then let go. Easy as that. Panoramas are automatically stitched together and can be viewed in all their glory by tapping on your picture in Photos or Gallery.


As you’re probably aware, Google’s camera application has many features that aren’t in other smartphone cameras. One such feature is Motion Tracking, which allows users to capture shots with moving subjects by following their motion before snapping a picture. While Motion Tracking can be accessed from inside the main app interface, it’s also possible to shoot photos or videos of moving objects using Google Camera with just an Android device and an animated GIF.

HDR+ Technology

The app’s most useful feature, HDR+ enables you to shoot high-quality photos with an enhanced dynamic range and lower noise. We can say it’s a more accurate and natural exposure than would typically be available in real life. While shooting, you will see a small icon on the top left corner of the screen which shows HDR+ On. Just click it off if you want to take a picture without HDR+.

Download Google Camera Apk for Android

Here is a tutorial on how you can easily download the Google camera Apk app for your android smartphone and enjoy unlimited filters, HDR+, and much more. Many smartphones like Google Pixel phones already have it installed, but if you have any other android phone and want to enjoy these features, follow our steps carefully.


This is an application exclusive to some Android devices only; you must follow all of the steps above to use it on your device. This app has many features like Panorama, PhotoSphere, Lens Blur, Slow Motion, etc. All of these features are best in class, making it worth downloading on any android device. All you need is a compatible device with all the requirements to use without facing any issues!

Download Google Camera APK Latest Version 2022

Download (39MB)
5/5 (1 vote)

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