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There are hardly any game enthusiasts left who are unaware of Hotstar Mod APK, which has taken over the hearts of gamers everywhere in the online and internet world. The Hotstar Premium Apk v14.8.0 Disney+/VIP/Premium Subscription Fully Unlocked is well-known because it broadcasts international games like Online Live Match, Football, and Hokey.

Along with watching international games like cricket, and football, here you also get to watch TV shows, movies, news, etc. Of course, if a user can access so many features in a single application, it will grow in popularity on its own. Due to Hotstar Mod Apk’s rising popularity, its developers have promised many new features. If you want to watch Online Live Match here, you must pay for a membership. Membership can be paid monthly or annually. Monthly payments are 399 rupees. which is not easy for any user.

Hotstar Premium Mod APK

Along with watching international games like cricket, and football, here you also get to watch TV shows, movies, news, etc. Of course, if a user can access so many features in a single application, it will grow in popularity on its own. Given the rising popularity of Hotstar 2022, its creators have promised many of its features; as a result, if you want to watch an online live match right now, you must join Hotstar 2022 and pay a fee. Membership can be paid monthly or annually.

About 399 rupees have to be paid each month. which is not easy for any user. And even today, in the era of technology and the Internet, in such a situation, no game lover wants to spend so much money, Of course, if you have come to this page, then you will also want to use the Disney Hotstar App without spending money. If yes, then you have come to the right page.

Because we have provided you with the Hotstar Mod Apk today, which has all of the Premium Features unlocked. Meaning that users can now download this app and use it for free to watch Live Match. There are many such features in it that you will not find on any other platform. If we talk about its features, then its makers have made it ad-free, which is very good news for any user.

So, Friends, download this Hotstar Mod Apk 2022 if you enjoy watching matches as well. In comparison to the Original App, which is free, you will receive a lot more features here. You can download it right away by clicking on the link provided below our website; the entire download process is described below.


Hotstar Mod APK

To amuse Android users, Hotstar Mod apk allows them to watch all of the online games, including football, volleyball, and live matches. as well as TV shows, movies, etc. In addition to this, you can download and watch online a variety of movies, web series, and TV shows. For your better information, let us tell you that on February 6, 2015, Hotstar App was launched by India’s company Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, the main objective of launching this app was to watch the World Cup Match online live but today the user here on cricket apart from cricket like this TV app, Movies, News, etc. Channel has been included.

If you talk about the popularity of this app, then it has been launched in various languages ​​including India and other countries like America, and Canada and so far, more than 100 million Android users have downloaded Hotstar Mod Apk on their phones.

Have done From which its popularity can be gauged. And many such features exist on this application platform Also, the feature of each category is available separately to the user so that the user does not have trouble using it. The option of video download is also given here for the user, meaning that now the user can download the favorite video using it for free. This is a very good feature for any user.

Hotstar Premium APK

As we have told you, Hotstar Premium Apk Vip App has been launched mainly for watching cricket and it is the best platform for watching online cricket. Still, about 80% of Android users use this app only to watch live cricket. Even today when the IPL is broadcast, this App platform is used to watch more IPL for everyone around the world.

But if you like to watch other entertainment other than Match such as Movies, TV Show, Web Series, etc. then it is also quite a good option for this, here you are easily available to watch all the TV shows, web series and all the latest movies online. Also, you can download them to your phone memory if you want.

Hotstar Premium Accounts

Hotstar mod apk icon Do you want to get a Hotstar Premium account, if you want to get a premium account for free, then click on our below-given post to get a Hotstar premium account for free and login to all movies on tv serials for free.

Free Hotstar Premium Account

But till now the user needs monthly payment to use all these features of the Hotstar App, which has become somewhat troublesome for the user.

But now the user will not have to pay any payment to use all these Premium Features because some unknown manufacturers have made available the Hotstar Mod App to unlock all the Premium features of this Original App.

You can easily download it from the link given below our website. Follow the below-given point for more information. So that you can easily download the app and know about other important information related to it.

Hotstar Mod APK Features

If we talk about the feature of this application, today this app is quite popular in countries around the world due to its excellent feature. The best thing about Hotstar Mod Apk is that it is present in various languages ​​like Hindi, English, and Punjabi Telugu. This means that you can use this app easily according to your language. All the users know that in the first place where on the Hotstar, there is an interruption of ads for every user to see any program, due to which time is lost and also there is no fun in watching the program.

So far the ads on Hotstar for every user were causing the problem but now its unknown creators have relieved these ads for the user, yes now if you have any to entertain by downloading Hotstar hack 2021 diversion If you look at the program, you will not have to face the interstitial advertisement. It has become a very good feature for every user of this app. The rest of this app has many more features which are going to prove much better for the user than its original app, which we have explained in detail below. You must read about this app before downloading it.

Free Membership

The makers of Hotstar Premium APK have various features given its increasing popularity. To use this, user membership has to be taken, for which the user has to pay some monthly amount but today we will give you the Hotstar Mod Apk


When you watch a match, movie, show, etc. on the Hotstar app, you get to see a lot of advertisements in between which you waste a lot of time. But now Hotstar Mod Apk manufacturers have removed this, now you can entertain Ad-Free from here, this is a very good feature added for any user.

HD Video Quality

Today everyone likes to watch HD quality, be it Movies, TV Show, Web Series, or all HD Quality. If you like to watch HD quality videos, then this Apk is a very good app for you because here you get many options like 780p, 420p, 1080p, and 240p using which you can easily watch videos, Show, etc. according to your is.

No Hardware Required

To use this app, you do not need any special thing separately, just for this, your phone should have an Internet Connection. It is clear that the way we entertain on TV at home, requires many things like a Setup Box, and a TV Cable, but here you do not need any other hardware.

Many Languages

No matter what country you live in because this app is available in different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Telugu, and Tamil, you can easily entertain yourself using this app according to your language.

Search Button

If the user wants to watch a movie of choice, Show Web Series, often he is not easily able to find it, so here is a search button also where the user can easily see any program by searching.

Easy to Use

If you talk about using this app then surely its app has been made by its creators in such a way that everyone can use it easily. Here you get all the features in different categories, as well as a separate list of TV, from which you can easily watch the program according to your choice.


This is a very good feature of this app, using which the user can watch that movie, or song, and watch it online anytime.

Live to stream

This feature has proved very important for the users who like to watch live cricket, IPL, or other sports because, with the help of this feature, a live broadcast of all sports is shown here. Along with sports, you can easily get information about the news of foreign countries here.

Sport Highlight

Many things If a sports fan is unable to watch a match, such as the IPL because they are off work or for some other reason, they can easily view highlights of that sport using the feature offered by this app.


In HotStar VIP, you get a new option. where all of the national and international news channels have been added, allowing you to stay up to date on world news.

Live tv-shows

Today, a lot of people enjoy watching TV shows, so this app has added a feature called Live TV shows that gives users access to a variety of TV channels like Bharat, Show, Life Ok, and Star Utsav, where they can easily watch TV shows of their choosing.


Watching a movie to entertain yourself is quite a good option. So in Disney Hotstar Vip, you can easily find all the latest movies along with movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, and South. You can watch whenever you want with the help of your internet connection. So if you are also fond of watching movies, this application is a very good platform for you, which you can easily download from the link given below our website.

Web Series

Watching free time Web series are thought to be a very good option today and are popular with many people. In order to allow users to easily view any web series online, Hotstar’s creators have also included a separate web series feature in their app.

Download Videos

If you like any of your favorite videos whether it is a TV show, a movie, or a video song, if you want to download them, then you can easily download them for free on your phone.

No Login Required

No Login Required

In Hotstar, a payment was given to the user on a monthly, basis and login was given to use it, which could be used by this platform, but now there is nothing that the user can directly access without a login. And you can make your entertainment easy by using it for free.

Download Hotstar Mod APK Latest Version 2022

The best entertainment platform is now Hotstar Mod APK, about which we have provided detailed information today. Hope you have understood the above information about this app. Of course, now that this app has so many features, you will also want to take advantage of these features and would like to download this app on your phone.

So friends, if you also want to download this free Hotstar the latest version 2022 on your phone, and use its features, then you do not have to worry about it because below we have explained the whole process of downloading the app step to step.

That you can easily download Hotstar by following – Although Hotstar 2022 apk is present on Play Store, if you download it from there, you will not be able to use it for free. Therefore, it is crucial that you download it using the link provided below our website if you want it for free. For more details, see the point provided below. You must first delete the previous version of this app from your phone before using the new one if you want to use Hotstar Mod Apk to watch movies, TV shows, cricket, and other content on your phone.

  • After deleting the old version, now you have to first click the link below to download this app.
  • This application will start downloading as soon as you click on the link.
  • It will be downloaded to your Android device in no time, depending on your Internet speed. which you can see in the app download folder on your phone.

Hotstar Screenshots

Hotstar Premium Hotstar Premium app Hotstar Premium mod apk

How to Install Hotstar Premium Mod APK

If you are an Android user, then of course there will be many apps available on your phone, which you must have downloaded and installed on your phone to use them. So just like other apps, to use this app, you have to first install and download this Hotstar Premium Mod APK. Installing Hotstar Mod Apk is as simple as installing other apps on Android devices, As soon as you can install it easily, you will not have any problem installing and using this app. Given below, you can install it by following these steps:

  • First, you have to go to your phone’s memory card.
  • Now you have to go to your folder where you downloaded this Mod Apk.
  • As soon as you get into the folder, you will find a link to this application, and you have to click on it.
  • It will now be installed on your phone as soon as you click on the link.
  • And now you can watch sports, web series, movies, TV shows, etc. on your phone for free using this Hotstar Apk. And you can also download any video of your choice for free.

Hotstar Mod APK FAQs

There are many such questions related to Hotstar Mod Apk that remain a topic of confusion in the minds of people today, so we have answered some questions related to this app below that are going to be very important for the user, Let’s talk about them one by one. Let’s try to know.

What is Disney?

This is a feature of the Hotstar app that provides online video streaming services. It is present in all languages ​​like Hindi, English, and Tamil. meaning that now users can use this app differently according to their language.

What is a Disney Hotstar Premium APK Membership?

To use all the premium features of this app, you have to pay monthly, in return, a login ID is given to the user, through which the user can easily use all the premium features of this app, making it a Hotstar premium Apk membership. to be known by name.

How do I become a premium member?

It is very simple to sign up for this app’s membership; all you need to do is visit Hotstar’s website first. You can choose a plan from the ones listed here and send it to a friend via Facebook, email, or another method. Next, you have to pay by filling in the payment details here. Just you easily got membership of this app.

What videos are available in Hotstar Premium to ask?

If you’re wondering what kinds of videos are available on Hotstar Mod Apk, we should let you know that the video you see on the premium mod is the one you can easily access here. If you’re talking about videos, you can find all of the sporting events, including tennis, cricket, and Kabaddi, as well as TV show episodes, motion pictures, and web series, all of which are available for free viewing and download.

What is Hotstar Mod Apk safe to use?

Many users are still unsure if this app is user-friendly and secure, but millions of people have already downloaded it in response to their concerns. It can be guessed that it is easy to use and also safe

How do I access my account?

You must first select “my account” from the menu of this app and enter your information in order to create a Disney + Hotstar account. By entering your registered email address and willing date, you can easily access your account here.


We have provided you with a thorough explanation in this article, along with instructions on how to download it for free and sign up for its premium membership for free. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please spread the word to your acquaintances and join our Telegram group to receive notifications of new posts. thanks ..!

Download Hotstar (Premium, Disney+ VIP Unlocked)

Download (20MB)
4.3/5 (52 votes)

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