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Instander APK v16.0 Download Official for Android (2022)

App Name Instander
Publisher thedise
Genre Apps,Social
Size 45MB
Version 16.0
MOD Info Unlocked
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Updated on June 13, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
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The Instander APK is an app that has been specifically designed to help you avoid being the bystander to bullying and also helps you become an upstander by making it easier for you to step in and stop the behavior. There are various tools within the app that can help you if you are uncomfortable with your safety, as well as give support through specific situations that may arise.

If you find yourself in such a situation please let your teacher or faculty member know immediately so they can deal with the situation and make sure everyone stays safe while they do so.

The Instander APK this application allows users to receive notifications when someone nearby has experienced an emergency, allowing them to send help if they’re able. The Instander APK takes in information from the users’ location and uses that to find emergencies in the vicinity, whether they’re on or off campus, and allows the user to jump in and help if they choose. This application will be available on all major mobile platforms, including iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as Windows Phone devices and even some old feature phones.

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What is Instander APK?

Instanter APK a new technology from Google, allows users to report emergencies in their vicinity. This is a great way to alert emergency services of any situation and provide them with your exact location.

To do so, all you have to do is open up your app and select I need help and then press send. This will send an alert with your exact location and other details about what’s happening directly to emergency responders.

Additionally, it’ll also notify your contacts that you are in danger so they can be on standby for when things get worse. It works just like 911 but without having to dial any numbers or even speak at all! You simply press send and let Instander App do its magic! If you find yourself in danger or witness something dangerous going on around you, don’t hesitate to use Instander App as it could save someone else’s life.

Features of Instander APK

The Instander APK is designed for all Android devices and it is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. It can be installed on Android 2.3 which allows you to install it easily without any problem. It works automatically once you install it on your device, and you don’t need to set up anything else manually to use it on your phone or tablet computer.

No In-App Purchases

No in-app purchases are required to use any of its features don’t need to pay anything to unlock additional features.

No need to install or subscribe

You don’t have to install any other app, and you won’t have to subscribe for anything Just download it from Play Store, install it on your device, and use it.

Speeds phone battery charge by 30%

The app is designed to speed up your phone’s charging process and it can increase the battery of your phone charging speed by up to 30%. It also helps you to protect your device from overheating while charging. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged or its battery exploding when you use it for charging.

Create Controls For Yourself: You can create controls for yourself to make sure that you are using your phone or tablet computer smartly.

key of:-

• Up-to-date emergency alerts
• Receive real-time announcements on emergency closures or alerts
• Safely navigate away from an emergency site
• You can always track all your time
• You never forget what time or what event you’re going to
• It will help you save time
• Being prepared for emergencies
• No need to leave the app
• Receive updates if there’s an emergency nearby

How to Download Instander APK

Instanter APK To download and install Instander App on your Android device, you need to follow some steps. Here is a guide for you. First of all, make sure that your device has enough storage space available for installing new apps.

You can check it by going to Settings > Storage & USB > Available Storage. If you have enough free space, then go ahead and follow these steps Open the Play Store app from your Home screen or Apps screen; Go to the search box at the top-right corner; Type Instander in the search box and press Enter key; Tap Install button next to app icon; Then press Accept button when installation permission window pops up.

Wait until the installation process completes. Once installed, open the Instander app from your Home screen or Apps screen. That’s it! Now you can use Instander on your device without any restrictions or limitations.

How to Install Instander App?

Instanter App If you want to install Instander APK on your device, you can follow our guide below. It’s easy and safe. But before that, we recommend you make sure your device meets these requirements. You should have at least Android 4.0 or above.

You will need at least 100 MB of free space on your phone or tablet. You should have an active internet connection while installing Instander APK.

These are all important prerequisites for installing any app from an external source other than Play Store, which is currently installed in most devices by default if it is not already present during installation.

Instander APK FAQs

Q. What is Instander?
A. Instander is a mobile app that allows you to easily connect with and reach out to your friends and family in an emergency.

Q. How does it work?
A. Once you download and install Instander, you will be able to add emergency contacts and identify yourself as a responder or an in-need bystander.

Q. How do I get help?
A. If you need help, simply open up your app and select yourself as a responder or identify yourself as an in-need bystander.


so it’s time to get your friends and family together and download a copy of Instander APK today. You never know when you might need it. So stay safe and don’t be afraid to reach out for help, because there is always someone who will answer that call!

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