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Friends, as 5G smartphones have just been launched in India and 5g SIM is also being launched. Similarly today we will talk a little about 5g recharge plan if you have bought a 5G smartphone. Then you must think Must have been, what is the Jio 5G recharge plan, then I will tell you some of its essentials about these recharge plans and will share some categories related to its program.

India has launched many 5G smartphones in the country, such as Oppo, Vivo and Samsung company are going to launch the smartphone 5G, so we thought to share 5G Jio plan recharge, people who can see these plans, Then you can activate it on the device.

Just as Jio 5G SIM has become very popular in India, which is Jio 5G active on everyone’s Android device. That’s why everyone will want to make 4G SIM 5g, so you don’t have to worry, because You can buy a 5G smartphone, then convert your 4G SIM to 4G.

Just as you have shared the plan in many ways in Jio SIM, if you are using 4G SIM, then you must have its plans useful, such as the most effective method of Jio phone is 598, in which you will have 56 days Get 112 GB data.

Jio 5G Recharge Plan 2021

Which you can use 2GB every day, in this, you get a free account of Hotstar and talk about another plan, then it is Rs 2599, which is for 365 days in which you get 740 GB of data, in which You get 2GB of data to read. In this too, you can get an account in Hotstar Free, similarly many big plans of Jio phones have been given.

Talking about Jio SIM, it comes with a plan of ₹ 249, which comes for 28 days, in which 56 GB of data is available, which you can use on 2GB day, it has a plan of 444, in which 56 GB is used to use for 56 days, you get 112 GB of data. You can use that data on 2GB Day 599 Recharge on 4G SIM, and for 84 days you can handle 168 GB means 2GB used every day. Can do.

Now let’s talk about what will be the fake recharge plans of Jio Sim, then let me tell you, talk about Jio 5G recharge plan. Its projects are going to be cheap, 4G SIMs are going to be very affordable because 5G network Will consume a lot of data, so fancy recharges will come very reasonable, and data will get more. Just like you get 112 GB data for 56 days by renewing from Rs 598 in 4G SIM, similarly, by recharging from ₹ 598, you can get 200 GB data for 56 days on 5 SIM.

Now if you want to use a day on one and a half GB data, then you will have to recharge from ₹ 199 on 4G SIM which will get 42 GB of data for 28 days, if you renew on 199 to 5G SIM, then you will get 60 to 70 GB The data you will get will be able to handle 2GB read. Like, talk about the smallest plan, 249 of the medium is being recharged on 4G SIM, which is getting 56 GB, if you plan a 249 strategy on 5G SIM, you can get 100 GB data for 28 days.

We are talking about the Jio 4G recharge plan in such a way that if you want to use Ban GB data, then you have to get it from ₹ 149, then you will be able to use the same 1GB recharge on 5G SIM day at 2GB. In which you can get 50GB for 24 days.

Hello friends, I have written this post very carefully, if you are using a 5G smartphone and want to recharge 5G, then you can go to the Jio website and see the latest plan for this. According to a keyboard, share some opinions. That is why, before recharging, you have to go to the website, then get the recharge done on your mobile by looking through the official website.

If you face any problem in recharging then go to the typical shop means that you can get it renewed at home, that is, go to the mobile shop and Recharge your Jio SIM 4GB if you have purchased a 5G smartphone, Then you will be able to use 5G but will be released only in 2021. If you have stuck 5G smartphone in 2020, then you will have to wait a bit. You can get ported to 5G smartphone as soon as 2021 arrives.

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