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Asus ZenBook Flip S Premium 2-in-1 Convertible Review 2022


Asus ZenBook Flip S Review – box and a half to say as the specs on this artist incredible this have to be one of the most premium Windows laptops, that I have ever used and had a closer look at in one guy suddenly.

the two in ones are pretty heavy. This one wastes about 1.2 kilograms and also comes. This pen support not having a closer look at this one now this is all we get in the box, and this is the adaptor this 65-watt power adaptor with USB type-c keep that this site for now. 

We also get this pen that will also have a button, and this is active devices support 4096 levels of pressure; we also get an excellent carrying case field very, very premium, very soft to touch. 

We had just given me the strength to side, and another laptop itself and it looks very very sleek you have this jet black color. We have this red copper accent looks very, very cool. It looks and feels very premium in terms of build quality also feels very, very sturdy. It’s made up of a magnesium alloy with aluminum makes.

if the show to you guys has excellent support, its space at any angle to keep like this also has a higher unlocking and all those things at and not very quickly as yours. LOL AC and the Hinges good, as you can see.

Asus ZenBook Flip S

It stays like this at any angle and of course the two in one so you can go into the stent more than all the things we close the US and let us give you an idea about the ports and all and on this site if you know days we have to a type C port Caesar Thunderbolt 4 ports.

It can charge from another one of them and have tested and works very well. We also have a full-size HDMI that may be connected to a projector or staff. 

When is leave do that and that if you see here, we have few went to the separate the heat have we have many of the events over here also at the bottom what I am noticing that the laptop gets warm in this area. Still, in my testing, it never got uncomfortably hot.

If you move towards this site, we have a regular USB type port and this button at the physical switch to power it on and off as a lead. The moment you open up the IR cameras for right unlocks, as you can see, it does it quickly at that was until he vo supposed to do it less than 1 second it strikes again.

I just opened up the IR Camera wale log new, and so that works very well, and moving to the keyboard and test that you can adjust.

It has multiple backlighting levels on this one that got the trackpad performance is also excellent against that what you expect with Windows laptop, so you have done my teeth are attached storage. All those things don’t work very well on this thing.

I am getting this with many other uses Asus notebook also; if you press this, you get the number pad over here, but if you can adjust the intensity of the season, make a brighter or lower it. I like it at night now another thing that I want this of another thing that I like this is the actual screen guys this is a screen 4K OLED screen.

I like that it can take bright outdoor also you can also use it goes up to 500. Still, it can too good very, very low in terms of brightness and is great many using Windows at night. I can go deficient in intelligence so that it does not forget your eye color accuracy. It is perfect color accuracy on this one as exactly pants invalidated to the color.

On this one, in fact, in terms of srgb, it is 133 % srgb and 100% DCP in terms of color accuracy on so it is perfect and supports HDR 10.

Even HDR content you can watch is not going to the specs again the this is a loaded machine at the latest generation processor and gives you What you did. Still, this is blocked by default at 12 what I have just a source TDP. 

If sperm goes down to eat what and performance wanted was to 15 watts so that a new thing with the sun to active magma maximizer back again is based on 10nm processor guys and the latest 7th generation from entering and as you can see I can go at water 2.8 giggled.

If I go to ke, it is supposed to have for face 12 megabytes of entry he started has and memory of this model has 16 bytes of memory and ddr4 and Fatak lot of very high speed of 4266 find the fastest moving to the SSD also are the SSD.

We have a 1 Terabyte SSD on this one. It’s the very fastest SSD 860 gigabytes of having come soon Windows 10 home on this one with that pen support as shown in SSB was supposed to have a PCI-x 4 SSI.

So I run this crystal disk mark this course and I can see 3.3 gigabytes this is insane meaning of the laptops actually which was not 1.5 to 2 Gigabyte, but this is 3.3 and write your winning 2.72 the fastest SSD is that I have seen so great to know that we have that one terabyte SSD.

That you are getting on this one to see how this and this 1528 Your laptop didn’t have a dedicated GPU is the case with Ultralight notebooks and staff is good for a business start.

If you want to do the fair game on WhatsApp, use to start with this one. You can do a lot of gaming laptops, guys. Still, you can run games like to watch live games like rocket league.

This financially and even some of the higher and games at low settings you can play in the fact that the GPU’s performance is sort of closer to the dedicated mx3 15 GPU.

That night you one more score as there are 20 again this is for the processor and energy can sink and a respectable score of 1087 on this laptop.

I told you this is having this sticker it says that means a certified by into what was the skin I was also curious I went to this webpage and according.

By entering a laptop with that sticker, Internal Auditor certification says that it needs to have a lemon generation processor with the IRS X graphics.

This has also it has to support Wi-Fi 6 at this year’s does have the Wi-Fi 6 support and even battery life at least nine plus hours and impressive about 10 hours of battery life on this one and also it has to be then, of course.

it is the earth in one and needs to have Thunderbolt 4, and this does have the Thunderbolt 4 Support for muscle factory certified by into that injured Vivo platform that can you think that they are doing.