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Vivo V20 Pro Review 2021 | Full Mobile Specifications


Slope at the Vivo v20 Pro Review 2021, a 5G smartphone in the works on here we have this pattern interesting about the camera can capture it started as having 5G and happy to say that it has quite a few more than two files that are supported on this important.

If you look at this one here at the back of the front-facing camera is dual front-facing camera 44 + 8 and phrases ultra-slim and the battery has a triple camera setup 64 megapixels that the Samsung gw1 sensor and its organs in 65 that is 5G price in the market but from what I am hearing the pricing is going to be about 30,000.

That would have had what I do when I know the exact pricing at that information in the description. I believe this will be available online on Amazon and quickly opened this up and have a look at this one. Open this app now, and this and says v20 Pro looks like we have a case you have a transparent case in the bottom line is that they have given.

Vivo V20 Pro Review

This because against the windows is not giving this, and we get a bunch of against sim Karte, so we have a Sim Card rejected to lower here and product technical specifications and all those things. I’ll keep this to the side for now, and even the so let’s look at the device.

First Impressions the device of it’s we actually flameless this up and of the very gradient of color it’s like look very different from one angle another angle on the light falls on this one looks to produce click the back is actually Glass on this one the back is a Gorilla Glass 5.

Where are the front squats? And we have a dual camera in for the front, so let’s keep this more people works? There are USB adaptor OTG because, again no 3.5 mm headphone jack, and at least I’m glad they are giving this adaptor again when you enter the simply not giving that you can attach this would you say headphones.

Let’s put that this is to Vivo flash charge too. Other supposed to be a 33 what Pasta in these things to the site for now and let’s look adjust device itself feels very light to hold and give you Physical review here if you see we have a secondary my cancellation microphone. Here we have the volume rocker power on-off button for the speaker types E4 plus sim tray is over here at the bottom line.

That be Dual Sim and fertilizers it comes with 1 minute Birbal stories in Hindi of foreign this show was there so you can put one year the same way you are just some of the back. You’re on the send the surprising no buttons or anything, so that’s interesting. Back again, it says Vivo 53, and in that and the camera setup is interesting the main camera 64 megapixels is here are the top.

We have the two other cameras on the side, xa2 Ultra wide and 2 megapixels. For death and freezing, we have login Dual camera software new primary is 44. Then, you will have an 8 megapixel that ultrawide also again Vivo u10 camera smartphone so let’s do one thing with this power.

This on it has some charge and died by the time it actually boots up. I set it up the secretion of you this Vivo v20 Pro is having a 6.4 inch LED full HD plus screen and inspired by the Snapdragon 765 socks5 capable of 628 ultrawide also again 64 megapixels that ultrawide, and we have a 2 megapixel for Death Racing camera the main campus of the body for megapixels, and we have 8 megapixels.

That’s why we also have a 4000mah battery with 331 fast chargers 6.4 inches screen love you are having, and it has an in-display fingerprint scanner. Also, this always-on display mode is there, but it was disabled iPhone has enabled you to have that, and you have to see the in-display fingerprint scanner as you can see are you can also any.

This thing is that this is the new version of this fun touch OS. As you can see, now have the Kutta girls over here and started doing some update and background guys just started knowing that if I go here, the layout is closer to talk and like this, and if you go to the display option and all the things again have all the options then we have Mo guys.

Using adjectives and all those things and going to about the phone as a database of Ram and 128 bytes of storage that we’re having and running on fun touch OS level version, this is on Android 10. Still, the brand has said that this will get the Android 11 update in December itself.

I can’t entirely agree that we would now also have started to embrace closer to what is a stock Android experience a nice to have this after also some apps are actually pre-installed on this one, so let’s see how much storage We actually get her that 128 Gigabyte let me locate the storage, and 60% is produced when installing Apps guys do you are going 813 gigabytes of space available to you on this device with scoop back here.

I think that this field is actually very like to hold the weight balance has been done very well as a curious how much is the, so that suggested here and 169 168 169 gram so are literally right to hold and the weight balance has been done very well on this one and again.

now it’s a Vivo phone, so again, we know the camera should be actually coded on this one, so let’s test this one another to the main campus 64 megapixels then we have a megapixel ultrawide then we also have that to make Flashcards on again you have that you’re not. Still, again -44 megapixel 8-megapixel camera and this this this is similar to earlier Vivo phones.