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Street Chaser MOD APK v5.0.5 (Unlimited Coins)

Name Street Chaser
Publisher Gold Technologies
Version 5.0.5
Size 82MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated July 31, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited money
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Street Chaser Mod Apk all around the world have always been kept on their toes by the extensive list of games that are introduced every year and this trend shows no signs of slowing down in the near future either. Some people love to stick to their regular choices, while others like to explore new horizons and try out new genres that aren’t usually up their alley.

If you belong to the latter category, then why not check out this amazing game called Street Chaser APK Download? It’s free to download and it offers you plenty of fun challenges.

Street Chaser

In Street Chaser Apk Download, players take control of a racer who needs to go through a variety of levels with one goal: beat all other drivers and reach the finish line first. Of course, these races won’t be easy since there will be many obstacles along the way.

However, we found that if you don’t rush into things but rather carefully plan ahead what moves need to be made next, victory is definitely within reach. There’s also an option for a multiplayer mode which means you can compete against other real-life opponents.

About the Street Chaser MOD Apk

The player should chase the thief to the last point and stop him from escaping. The game has two modes for you to choose from, namely tutorial mode and Street Chaser Mod Apk mode.

The tutorial mode will help you learn how to play the game, while in the game mode, you can go through five rounds of chasing thieves by yourself! Your objective in this mod apk is to keep running until you catch up with your prey and try not to fall off on the way.

Street Chaser

You have to overcome many obstacles such as ledges, spikes, and water. You also need to be careful because there are some thieves who will try their best to slow you down by throwing knives at you or even stepping on traps that would make your journey more difficult than before.

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On top of that, every time they throw knives at you they will become stronger so be ready to fight back if necessary. If you fail to avoid all these hazards and get hit, you will lose life points. However, it is worth mentioning that when your points reach zero, you won’t die but just get stuck in one place.

The mobile phone version of Street Chaser MOD APK Download supports both Android and iOS

operating systems which means no matter what kind of device you use, it’ll work for sure! So don’t wait any longer and download About now.

Features of Street Chaser MOD Apk

The Street Chaser Mod Apk was developed by TeamLava and the latest version is 2.5.2. The size of the game is 27MB and there are 508 levels with each level having three different modes to choose from. Players can collect coins to unlock new cars which helps them to complete the levels.

They can also buy various power-ups using in-game currency that help them to survive on the streets. One such power-up is a shield that protects the player from getting hit or crashing for a short period of time.

Street Chaser

Gives you all the entertainment you need

It has a thrilling and interesting storyline that keeps you hooked to your device. All these features make game APK Download one of the best car racing games in town.

Supports eye-hand coordination

If you’re looking for an arcade racing game, then this is it! With its easy controls, fluid gameplay, and interesting graphics, this game is perfect for any car racing enthusiast. When I first started playing Street Chaser apk download.

More time outside doing stuff

street chasing around my neighborhood, taking public transportation to places I don’t want to drive to, just going out more.

Hone your street cred skills

Run over other cars, dodge traffic as fast as possible, and keep an eye on your health meter. Grab power-ups to help you speed through city streets while trying not to crash into other vehicles or get busted by the cops.

Frequently-asked questions

We only post mods that have been confirmed by their creators as being virus-free. We also give you the ability to check each file’s hash before downloading. Do you have any tips for installing the mod on my device? The instructions will vary depending on your device, but we’ve tried to make them as clear and easy to follow as possible.

What are the risks of installing this mod?

If a mod contains a malicious program or does not function properly, it can cause damage to your system and files.

I’m getting a Package File Is Invalid error when trying to install a mod. What should I do?

This means one of two things: either you downloaded an outdated version of our app, or your device is incompatible with that mod.

Can I get banned from using Street Chaser MOD APK Download?

There are no bans in place that specifically target Street Chaser MOD APK Download users at this time. Mods are completely safe, so long as they don’t contain any form of malware or viruses.

What if I lose my progress after uninstalling a mod?

All installed mods will be removed from your device once you uninstall them, which may lead to losing progress if the data has not yet been saved elsewhere.


Make sure to save your game prior to deleting a mod. Sometimes games won’t let you continue without completing specific quests, even if the game doesn’t autosave upon closing. You’ll need to find someone who has already completed the quest and see if they’ll help you out, or start over from scratch.!

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