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ThopTV APK v50.7.5 | एंड्रॉयड के लिए डाउनलोड करें

App Name Thoptv
Publisher ThopTV
Genre Apps,Entertainment,Video Players & Editors
Size 6MB
Version 50.7.5
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Updated on May 20, 2022 (9 hours ago)
4.9/5 - (110 votes)

Do you have an Android smartphone, if you have an Android smartphone, you will want to download the top tv apk file in the latest version for the Android device, because in this application Entertainment is considered the best way to watch? So I am sharing a direct link for you to download the latest version 46.7.3 Thoptv mod apk, by clicking on it you can download thop tv apk.

Do you know, what a great application thoptv apk is, which manages to show all premium movies and web series like IPL cricket for free. Like the IPL is going to start in April 2022, which everyone would like to see ipl 2011.


But the special thing is that, due to the Hotstar being so famous, IPL people can see only when they buy a Hotstar Premium subscription, but in today’s time some people have a lot of money problems, they are not able to see in IPL Hotstar.

So some people search Hotstar Premium mod apk on google, they can not find the link of Hotstar mod apk successful. But if you want to download Hotstar Mod APK, then search on our website and you can download it.

But I believe, if you want to watch IPL and Movies and Web Serial for free, then you should download thoptv apk for free. After downloading, install it on your Android device and view your favourite content for free.

If you want to watch movies and TV show dramas like Netflix, Hotstar, Jio TV, ullu, Zee5, and me player, then you should download and install the tv app.

Because there is an application in which all premium movies and web series together get the option of watching cricket IPL live channels for free, within this thoptv IPL apk you will get more than 3000 India and international channels, which you can be streaming for free. Can.

If you love Top TV very much, then I will tell the complete information from the beginning to the last of this application and also about all the latest features of this application, so you remained in the post and read those features carefully, if If you have a certain time, you can read.

Hotstar Mod APK
Netflix Mod APK
Free Hotstar Premium Account

If you do not have time to read, do not worry. Click on the direct download button at the bottom and there will be redirects on the download page, from there you can download this application for free.

How to download Thop TV apk latest version? This question belongs to everyone because there are many older versions, which do not support Android devices. That is why in this article I will show you how to download thoptv apk in the latest version, in which way you will be able to easily download and install it on your device.


I am providing direct downloading for the first time because our brothers do not have time to read the article. That’s why I am talking about downloading first. You can read the article below directly and can easily download and install it on your Android device.

  • To download the Thop tv apk, click the download button below.
  • When you click on the download button, then it will redirect to another page.
  • Now from here you select the size of your choice and click on the download button, then it will start downloading within 5 seconds.

Now I hope that you have downloaded this application easily on your Android device, if you are having problems downloading, then you do not have to worry. You can feel free to ask us in Telegram or Comment and follow the methods given below to install it.

How to Install ThopTV APK on Android

Today, some people do not know how to download and install the APK file, that’s why I am going to show how to install thoptv apk file on an Android device for all those friends because some people are very Only the less educated are those who do not know how to install any APK file on their Android device.

So follow our given methods and you can easily install thoptv app on your Android device.

  • The first thing to do is to download this APK file, following the above method.
  • If you have downloaded this file, now you have to go to the file manager and click on the file you have downloaded.
  • As soon as you click on the APK file, then you have to allow permission unless you allow permission until the APK file is installed.
  • Then you will see the install button, it has to click on the given install button and the installation will start. Then you have to wait for some time.

Now I will hope, this application has been installed on your device, now you have to open the Thop TV app and use it without login, just you can open the movies and web series of your choice.

Now we are going to give you the related features and information about it from the TV application below, if you have the time, you can read all the information about this application without fear.

Thop TV APK Features

In today’s time, everyone wants to know its features before downloading, so today I am going to tell you the best features of the tv apk I hope you will like the latest features of this application and related information from this app.

If you have not understood any information about this application, then you can feel free to contact us on Telegram or comment on this post, let’s get the features of this application.

Multiple Sports Channel

If you are also very much interested in the sports category, like if you also like more in sports, then this thop tv app is the best because in it you will get video live streams of many sports. Which live cricket channels will be available.

You can search the channel of your choice, by the way, you will be able to watch games like badman, cricket, hockey, volleyball, and tennis. WWF will also be able to play games like this. Along with this, you will be able to live videos of your choice and watch fellow cricket IPL as well.

Watch Movies and TV Shows

You would know this, in today’s time, most Android smartphones are being used, and everyone is using TV on their mobiles, so I will give you premium movies and web series as well as drama channels like cricket. I am sharing for free.

If you also like watching movies and web series, then you should use the thoptv app apk, in which you get more than 3000 TV channels, which will consist of movies and web series. Also, channels of IPL sports category like cricket will be available.

Similarly, you can watch high-quality movies all web series, this is such a movie song which you will be able to watch in premium on every platform, but it will be able to see those values ​​in the last in this application, as well as those movies You can also download web series, watch at any given time.

Completely Free of Cost

As the name of the Thoptv mod apk, you will know, all the premiums are unlocked in it, like if you have used premium applications like Hotstar, Netflix, zee5, then you have subscribed to streaming web series on movies in them. Have to buy it.

If you want to unlock them, then you have to download this application, and then you will be able to stream your movies and web series for free, this application allows you to watch all premium movies and premium channels completely for free. As the IPL is about to start in April 2022, you can do live streaming for free through this application.

Very few advertisements will open

You must have known this, no one has made a mod version of the imposed TV application yet. Because it is very difficult to create a model version of this application. It has very high security. That’s why the owner of the tv has opened only one to two advertisements in this application.

Using this app does not get much advertisement on your device, it shows very few advertisements, so make sure to use it and use the premium movies and web series of your choice, along with the full enjoyment of IPL.

Thoptv APK Latest V46.3.8 Download is Available

Do you know when the thoptv apk has been updated, I am telling you today, that this version has been updated on 8 April 2021? You can download this version which is given as version 45.2.1. This is the latest version, in which no problems were found.

Problems found in the old version have been completely solved in this new version, such as the video stopped playing while playing the old version, taking too much loading, and the TV channel not playing simultaneously. Similarly, any problem in the voice, in which the problem was found, when those problems are found, all those problems have been solved.

ThopTV Old Version List 2022

Do you want to get the Thoptv old version list by 2022, because there are many people, who keep looking for the old version of each application for their knowledge, or if their application does not support the new version, then that is the old version. , So that version is supported on their device.

That is why I am sharing all the versions of thoptv apk for you in this post, which you can read them, then you can also download them for free through the same internet, now below and I will give you this application in the list Show all versions of.

  • v46.3.8
  • V21.0
  • V26.0
  • V32.0
  • V32.2
  • V34.1.0
  • V36.0.
  • V37.1.0
  • V38.0.0
  • V39.1.0
  • V40.0.0
  • V41.0.0
  • V42.0.2
  • V43.0.0
  • V44.0.0
  • V44.1.0
  • V45.0.0
  • V45.1.0
  • V45.1.1
  • V45.2.1
  • V45.2.2
  • V46.0.0
  • V46.7.2
  • Etc.

Similarly, a list of versions has been given, you can select the child of your choice and search on Google and when the first or second website arrives, you can download it through the website.

ThopTV for PC Windows

If you have passed 12th, then you must have a laptop computer window PC, for which you want to install on thoptv for pc for free or want to download it, that’s why I will tell you to use thop tv for pc How to download it.

If you have a computer PC, downloading the Thop TV app on a computer PC is very simple, we will give you the direct download link below. With which you can download the computer on PC, just install it in 1 click depending on the software. You can then use it, paying attention, and if you ask for an update, you can update again.

Watch on ThopTV IPL Live 2022

Do you know about the thoptv application, so I am telling you, then thop tv is an application in which you can stream IPL cricket by selecting the language of your choice, as told thoptv ipl live 2022 This is how you select your language.

As I belong to India, I will select Hindi language and my voice will be in the Hindi language, which will make me understand better and can watch IPL live cricket with an HD full HD, that’s why if you are in Hindi or Tamil Telugu If you want to watch cricket in the language, then you should use the Thop TV application. In which you can watch cricket IPL of your choice, April 2021 is running life, you can watch it through the application.

How to watch IPL Live Cricket on Thoptv Official App

Desperate to watch IPL Live Cricket 2021, you might want to use Hotstar, but Hotstar is a premium service, it is difficult to buy, so now you don’t have to worry, because I am very much for you I have brought a good application, through thoptv official app. You will be able to watch all the cricket TV channels in it through your favourite cricket live TV channel.

Also, you will be able to stream all of 2021, select your favourite language, if you want to watch Hindi ipl April 2021, then select Hindi, want to watch in English x then use the TV official app and your Language is the most commonly used application.

Do you know, the highest traffic has been found on thop TV server while running a cricket match in India, this application has also failed big platforms like Hotstar because it provides free service, hence the highest Traffic imposition found on TV application.

Watch Drama Serials for Free on ThopTV App

The best option to watch free drama is given in the Thoptv app, such as if you want to watch a drama serial, then you should use the Thop TV app because this application allows streaming of old drama serials. You will get all the episodes in it, you will not be able to ignore any episodes. You can watch the drama for free by selecting your favourite language with HD quality.

Like if you are not at home, you are not able to open your TV. For some reason, it is very busy and you have a lot of interest in drama serials, then the TV application is so good for you, that you will be able to stream your favourite drama serial and watch it for free. Because it is an application that removes everyone’s problems.

How to update Thoptv APK?

If you use an Android device and you have already downloaded the Stop TV application and it is present on your device, but that application has stopped working, meaning that it is asking for new updates, then you need to update I will say it very important for So read my guidelines and feel free to update this Thoptv apk comfortably.

update Thoptv APK
  • First of all, you have to uninstall the old version.
  • Now you have to download the latest TV version from this same page.
  • Note that the latest version of the tv official app is updated immediately.

So when this application does not work on your device, then install your thop TV application immediately, then come to our website and download the new version immediately and install it on your device, then I hope, the TV application completely Will work and you can open your favourite channel and enjoy.


If you use this application, then you must have had a problem so that you will be worried about how to fix this problem, so that’s why I answer the most commonly used question of the tv apk, I am going to tell below, which you can solve by reading, if the answer to your question is not found on this question, then you can comment below or join our Telegram channel and tell us your problem.

What will be found in Thoptv Premium?

The downloading option of Thoptv Premium has been opened, along with the advertisement has also been closed. If you purchase its premium subscription, the downloading option will be opened and the advertisement will be closed.

So that you will be able to use all the premium content for free. By the way, the TV is completely free, you can watch all the videos on the movies TV channel for free.

Can I see ipl 2021 in the Hindi language?

Yes, friends, the most important thing is given in this application, whether you are IPL cricket 2021 or older, all cricket is performed in all languages, such as living in India country, then Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English. Cricket IPL 2021 is also streamed in the language. So select the language of your choice and you can also stream it.

Does thoptv app need to be signed up to use?

No, just open the application and live to stream your favourite videos movies, and support series channels like web series directly, if you want to download premium content like movies or web series, you will need to signup.

Does thoptv app need to signup to use?

No, just open the application and live to stream your favourite videos movies, and support series channels like web series directly, if you want to download premium content like movies or web series, you will need to signup.

Does TPTV have chat support?

Yes friends, of course, if you want to talk to the owner of Top TV, ask any of your problems, then click on chat support, which will redirect to Telegram and provide your problem, then answer your question very much. I Will get to you soon

Is there a mod version of it?

No mode version of this is active on Google, all are cheating. Its mode version cannot be made, so you can use it and buy its ₹ 30-month-old plan, in which only you will get the downloading option. So use only the free version and use the advertisement once.

How to watch IPL Cricket 2022 Thoptv live?

It is very easy to watch, if the IPL is going on, then you will be seen on the banner itself. Just click on the IPL banner and then select your preferred language, such as Hindi, IPL, English, IPL, Tamil IPL will be such options. Click on the option of your choice and then the IPL will start in your language.

Final thoughts

I am going to give one of my thoughts in the final like I use an Android smartphone. I like watching movies like TV and web series and I sometimes watch IPL cricket like that. So I say, I like her TV application the best.

Because I get all these services for free, I get to watch movies and video songs news like cartoon games, and other entertainment channels for free. Therefore, I believe that you also use this. Those who come to Google for free and come to our website, download it for free and can use it by installing it.

If you liked this article or love this app very much, then share this article on our social media more and more and give your opinion in the comments.

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