Truecaller Premium APK v12.50.6 (Gold/Pro Unlocked)

App Name Truecaller
Genre Communication
Size 89MB
Version 12.50.6
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Last Updated October 24, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Today I am going to share the Truecaller Premium APK in this post because now you don’t need to buy Truecaller Gold APK and Bro plan, you are now free You can activate the Gold and Pro plan in the truecaller mod apk, which is completely unlocked, so use truecaller premium mod apk.

As you may know, the features in mobile are different, but there is an option to make a call on every mobile, it is very important to make this call, such as it is possible to call on 3 April 1973 by US engineer Martin Kapoor. happened. As if the engineers were from America.

It was very important to contact someone from America, that engineer needed to contact him as soon as possible, that is why he talked to an engineer, then the engineer told that I can contact you as soon as possible, so the engineer Launched a telephone on 3 April 1973.

Truecaller premium icon

Since it became possible to make calls all over the world and today some people bother the person by calling, so to avoid these problems, you should use Truecaller Premium APK, if anyone also bothers you, So definitely use it. Because it has a very special feature, which we will explain below.

In today’s time, there are too many spam messages and spam calls, which get annoying and looting, that’s why you should use the Truecaller App to avoid theft because there are very good options in it. Have been.

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If you get a message or call, you see it. If you get spam messages and spam calls, then the automatic block is called, which will be shown to you in red color.

That is why I am sharing with you the Truecaller App, which will enable you to use it without advertisement, in which the Gold and Pro plan is activated, and spam messages and spam will be automatically blocked.

Truecaller Premium APK

Truecaller Premium APK is an Android app, this application is known by everyone in today’s era, if you don’t know the Truecaller app, stay tuned in this post, because we will tell you all the features related to this app and about it. Will tell you what is Truecaller Premium So let’s start below guys.

In today’s environment, Truecaller is being activated on every Android device, because Truecaller is an application that removes spam and fraud. If you are using an Android smartphone, then you must use App, as it will prevent spam calls and spam messages on your device and will tell you to block spam messages and calls.

A few years ago, spam calls no one knew, what is spam? One person got spam calls, which created millions of crores of rupees from him, that is why he was very worried, spread the news in the newspaper, then some developers started working hard to build the application, after some time again this application was created, 1 July 2009 true software The application was created by Scandinavia AB, which was named Truecaller.

There were two developers of this truecaller application, who launched this application with great effort, named Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Both these developers worked hard day and night, preparing this application.

Then today at this time in 2020, this App has become available on all Android devices, and now on the latest mobile phones, this application is already installed.

Many features have been added to Truecaller in addition to spam, such as if you will use its free version. So you will get limit-only features if you use the premium now option.

So you will get a lot of features. Whatever you use them, you will get a lot of help. Such as spam calls and more spam messages will be blocked automatically. Also, features like call notifications, call blocks, flash messages, chat, voice, call recording, etc. are added to the premium version.

Truecaller Mod APK

Everyone wants to use the Truecaller Mod apk because the premium service is available to be used for free through the mode, that’s why I have unlocked the Pro and Gold versions for you and brought the Truecaller App, in which you will get lots of Getting features, if you will use it, you can use the key features of App.

The features of the true caller Premium Mod APK are very special, which we will tell you below. But it is understood by some interpretations, that many features have been added to the Truecaller, which we will tell, as we have already told some. The Truecaller intercepts and also blocks a spam call.

Truecaller App all premium is unlocked, along with it you are also getting online banking, can share UPI payment, but it is available in India country, in which you can also keep users name and password Huh. The app is working across all devices, Android devices, Blackberry devices, iOS devices, and Windows Phone devices too, so you use it and stay away from fraudulent apps.

So you don’t have to worry about anything, you can use the Truecaller app from the Internet depending on your device, but if you are using an Android device, you can download the App via our website.

Truecaller has reached 200 million if you have more than 500 million installed on the Google Play store and talk about TrueCaller Premium subscription because the premium service offers a lot of features, which would provide features like caller ID and spam booking. , so if you do not have the money you can use App.

Truecaller Premium Mod APK

Truecaller premium mod apk shares advanced features, as we have already explained in the paragraph, the truecaller blocks spam calls and similarly blocks caller ID and spam calls and messages automatically to get this premium feature. , So we can use our given.

Truecaller hack apk has unlocked an official lovers subscription which its developer has easily made all creatures club, so if you have a low budget then you can use it for free with lots of features added, such as Caller ID and spam blocking partner, etc. You can also chat online chatting and you can also enable video calls by direct voice call.

If your smartphone is going to go off, then this truecaller will first tell you that your mobile is going off, please charge the mobile. That’s why truecaller premium apk is said to be quite special, which you must use because by using all these pro features, you will be very beneficial.

What is Truecaller Gold APK Membership?

If you have a budget of money, you can buy it, which will cost you ₹ 5000 per year for 1 year. If you use the free version, then spam calls and spam messages will not be automatically blocked and advertisements will keep coming on your device, if you want to use ads and the Truecaller gold apk version, then you have to buy ₹5000 to 1 year. needed.

If we want to buy Truecaller Premium, then you can not verify caller ID spam blocking ads, verify your profile, do premium budgeting, request contact, or call recording, but Gold color ID and premium support are all you need Truecaller gold will be found in the apk. Gold caller ID will also be available, which will be capable of recording calls. You will also be able to get premium support.

Truecaller Premium APK Features

If you want to avoid fraud, you should use Truecaller Premium APK, because we have fully unlocked its premium and gold version, which you do not need to spend money on, you can use it without any money. can do. Let friends, we show below some of the best features of this app, you can read them.

Truecaller Premium APK

Who Viewed My Profile

Truecaller Premium offers very good features, such as if you look at any TrueCaller ID, you can go through its complete details profile and then get its details.

Similarly, if someone sees your profile, then you will get a notification, then you will know that your profile is seen by someone, who sees the mobile number and your name and email, everyone if you want to hide it, You can set the profile with the option.

Just like told in a pure language, when someone searches for your number and name on the Truecaller, you will get this information while saying. That someone has seen your number and your profile, so this option is the best, you can make your profile in a good way, who can become friends in your latest.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is considered to be a very good option. After all, when you look at the profiles of nonpremium users, who should not even have messages with them, you should use this option because you get this option in Truecaller Premium APK.

You can see the profile details of premium users, which will not even send messages to them, whether you have seen their profile or not, so click on Settings and go to Go pineta Center and click on the option you can click any profile Can see comfortably.

Spam Blocking

Truecaller premium apk provides many features, such as unintended spam messages and spam call SMS, which can get rid of some, which means get rid of fraud and spam call messages, put them on the automatic block, when you block We will select the option. Spam calls and messages on it will not come to your phone, as it will be blocked before the call is received.

If any call comes to your Android device, its details are already visible, meaning that its details will be visible beforehand. If a spam call is coming, the message will be sent, then that spam option will die, which you can also set on the block option.


Advertising is such a problem that everyone gets worried, such as if you use the true caller premium version, then any call will come on your device, then you will see the advertisement first.

So we will ask you to buy, if you have money, you can buy its premium plan, it can install our given truecaller mod apk, which will enable you to remove the ad for free, this is the best option, Which is to use this application without advertisement.

Premium Badge

If you are stuck in a crowded area such as a traffic area, this option is good for you, but it is available in the Truecaller Premium feature, which shows you that a call has been made to your ID, then looks great. Provides, through which people come to know that a call has been received or a message has been received on your device.

More Contact Request

This feature is available only on Gold Premium, if you buy the gold version of truecaller, you get this facility, which you can talk to us with support if you are using truecaller and you have any the wrong number or spam call or message comes, then you can talk directly, then you will solve your problem in a very short time, so you can talk to the premium true caller.

Call Recording

If you are using truecaller gold, then you will be able to take advantage because you will be able to put on automatic call recording so that any call that comes to your ID will be automatic recording, then you can listen to it at any time.

You can now call and listen to the call recording at any time and even hide it on your file manager.

What’s new in Truecaller for Android?

  • No ads
  • Know who viewed your profile
  • Advanced blocking and filtering options
  • Option to view profiles privately
  • Get the Premium badge on your profile
  • 30 contact requests a month
  • Record phone calls (not supported on Android Pie and above)
  • Gold Caller ID
  • High priority support.

How to Download and Install Truecaller Premium APK

If you have come to our website, then you do not need to worry, because we are one such way to download the Truecaller Premium APK, which will also be able to download and install within 1 minute, by the way, You can follow the given step comfortably.

  • The first thing to do is to download the truecaller mod apk, which has to be clicked on the button given below (Go to Download Page).
  • When you click, it will redirect to another page, then a download button will appear on that page, clicking on it can download the director.
  • Before that, you have to go to settings and enable unknown sources
  • Now it may take some time to download, so you have to wait, as soon as the download is done, then you have to go to the file manager and find the file.
  • You have to click on the Truecaller Premium APK file and click on the install button and it will be installed shortly.
  • You can open Truecaller App, then create an ID with your Facebook Google ID, or create a Truecaller ID through your mobile number. You should create an ID that looks very professional so that your friends can be very happy to see your ID.

Final words

Truecaller mod apk A unlocks the premium subscription, meaning unlocks the Gold and Premium Club, so you can use the premium features for free. If you use it then all creatures features will be installed on your Android bus. Now you will call any number, you will be able to know its details beforehand and can also block spam calls and messages.

Hope you have liked the Truecaller Premium Mod APK. If you have liked it, then you can tell in the comment below and share our post with your friends.

Download Truecaller Premium APK v12.50.6 (Gold/Pro Unlocked)

Download (89MB)
4.4/5 (21 votes)

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