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VSCO Mod Apk is an Android and iOS app that lets you apply various photo filters to your pictures. There are over 20 filter packs that can be downloaded for free, but some very useful ones like The Lab or Kodak film have to be purchased. This guide will show you how to get access to any filter in the VSCO Apk with just a couple of clicks.

What is VSCO Mod Apk?

The problem with many VSCO Mod Apk today is they want users to purchase their premium version to use pro tools which would otherwise cost a fortune if bought individually (the Lab pack alone costs more than $50) and the best android app PicsArt Mod Apk.

VSCO app stubbornly refuses its users from getting these tools even after paying for the premium version. The fact that the paid VSCO app has ads further frustrates users. There is, however, a way to get around this problem. We can get any filter we want for free by downloading its apk file without even paying for the premium version of the app so let’s see how it’s done.

Features of VSCO Apk

The following are some of the best features present in the VSCO Apk which make it worth downloading:

1) Advanced Editing Tools

The editing tools that come packaged with the app allow you to edit your pictures any way you want including giving them a vintage look, painting effects, black and white looks, or even adding an extra something to make them pop. The regular tools included in the app include crop tool, brightness control, contrast control, sharpness control

2) Live Filters

The live filters give you a preview of how your photo will look after editing right before you save it. These filters have functioned as major selling points for many iOS users who aren’t sure if they want to purchase VSCO but want the opportunity to use its amazing filters.


It offers classic black and white tones and gold/peach toning along with faded colours that are popular among Insta-models these days. With VSCO you can apply multiple effects at once – up to 3 live filters, which is convenient when you’re working on something that requires a lot of tweaking. The live filters automatically save to your phone so they’re accessible whenever you want them and can be changed without re-downloading the category.

4) Library

The library contains all the photos in your camera roll. You can select as many as you like, and then edit them with VSCO’s advanced filter collection and other editing tools. If you don’t have pictures in your camera roll that meet these requirements, you’ll need to take new ones first. If it does contain what you’re looking for, VSCO will map out the existing colours from each photo and use those to find matching filters

5) Vignette

It’s an oval-shaped frame that is placed over the photo. It’s a nice touch that doesn’t distract from your content but rather draws more attention to it


6) Layout

With this tool, you can easily rotate, flip or mirror the selected photos as per your desire. You can even combine multiple photos into one image and put them in various layouts and positions you want using this feature.

7) Gradients

It’s a colour palette with variable opacity. Gradients are used for overlaying a picture; there are many options available for gradients like soft noise, hard noise, coloured, etc., Gradient colours appear underneath your hand-picked photo when you select the gradient overlay option Which makes your pictures stand out? The live previews will let you know if the colours match your expectations


8) Discover the page

Discover page helps you find new filters and photos that are trending. You can explore tags as per your choice, then follow other users and look at their feed, etc. With this feature, VSCO enables user engagement with people who have similar interests. The discover page offers an easier way to interact with a large community of likeminded individuals using the app’s networking features

9) Export Options

After editing the picture in your desired way, you now have an option to export it in various formats like JPEG, PNG or just save it on your phone camera roll. A photo can be shared through different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., All these features make VSCO pictures stand out and capture users’ attention. By providing both traditional photo editing tools as well as modern filters, VSCO is appealing to a wide range of people who are into photography but also enjoy experimenting with new looks


10) Tagging

Instead of just uploading your picture without any description, you can now add tags or hashtags to it which will make your profile more popular. Your work will be seen by many other people who have similar interests as they search for the same tags when making their posts. This way you’ll get appreciation from a large set an audience rather than just a few if you don’t use any tag in your post

11) Photos on the map   

It’s another exciting feature added by VSCO. You can navigate to a location to see pictures that are attached to that place using this feature. From the map page, you can explore many places at once and then follow other users as they share their best photos on a particular location


12) Repost    

If you like anyone’s picture and want to share it, but if they haven’t used VSCO App yet, then you won’t be able to apply the filters or use the editing tools. With the Repost option inserted by the developers of VSCO, now you can easily add filters, edit photos, etc., in your way, and repost them so others can enjoy your creation. People will be more interested in seeing what kind of edits you’ve made if they didn’t take the original picture (or don’t have VSCO App) and if your post is a popular one, it will also contribute to your popularity in the app

13) Edge

It’s a new feature added by developers of VSCO which can be used for adding some light effects to your photo. This option can be turned off as per the user’s choice. It doesn’t cause disturbance while editing pictures but makes them more attractive and eye-catchy

14) Black and White Effect

Before this option was added, if people wanted their photos to look black and white then they had to make them lose colour entirely with just a few taps on their device screen. But that was not at all an interesting way of doing it. VSCO developers have taken care of this issue by adding this option to the app. You can convert your photos from colour to black and white or vice-versa and explore different shades of both worlds


15) Unfiltered

It’s a completely new feature added to the app which allows users to connect directly with photo creators in real-time. They’ll be able to like, comment, react, etc., on others’ work instantaneously

16) Blur/Sharpen

The blur or sharpen tool is used for detailing your pictures i.e. if you don’t want any particular item(s) in your picture to be clear then using the blur tool you can blur them

17) Saturation

Saturation is a word used for the intensity and richness of colours in any particular picture. It enhances the beauty of your pictures by increasing saturation, or you can decrease it as well if you are going for lighter shades

18) Hue

Hue is used to manipulate the colour polarity present in your photo and change it accordingly. You can either choose to make your photos look more colourful or go for duller shades with this option added to the VSCO app. People try to experiment with their taps on mobile screens after installing VSCO Mod APKs so they prefer adding a hue over their picture

19) Tone Curve Adjustment  

It’s another recent addition that has been made by the developers of VSCO. This option is used for changing the lightness or darkness of shadows present in pictures. It helps users to have more control over their work so that it looks much better after editing

20) Contrast

 Just like the tone curve, the contrast option also comes under the image adjustment category. The word contrast means opposite ends or poles being compared with each other and having differences between them. As its name suggests, this option can be used to enhance the contrast effect and make your photos more clear. If you feel like your picture appears dull then using the Contrast tool will help correct its brightness

How To Download VSCO Premium Mod Apk On Android

The very first step would be installing apk files onto your Android phone. It sounds complicated but you don’t have to do anything special other than opening Google Play Store and searching for an app called VSCO Premium Mod Apk Now install Droid4X and open it up, you should see something similar like this.


As soon as Droid4X opens, look for the search bar and type “VSCO”, you should see VSCO’s page in the Google Play store with an Install button right next to it, just press that and Droid4X will start downloading the app.

Once that is done go back to Droid4X and click on the Open button of the VSCO app. You would be asked to permit some stuff but just allow it all because we are going to do good here not harm. The app might become laggy at this stage so hang in there, once you get past this screen you can finally use VSCO.

Now you have full access to every filter available in the app without even paying a dime! Just select any picture from your gallery and click on the filter you want to apply.


So, if you like the VSCO cameras but hate the fact that they are too expensive to buy all filters for your smartphone then download VSCO Apk. It is free and can be downloaded easily from our site link below. This is one of the best camera apps that adds some real value to your photo editing.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading the VSCO Mod Apk article. I find this article useful, please share it with your friends on social media. You can also comment below if you have any questions regarding VSCO Mod Apk.

Download VSCO Mod APK v292 Download (Premium Unlocked)

Download (90MB)
5/5 (1 vote)

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